Friday, July 06, 2007

Taking a much needed break

I have been working non stop on my designs and I knew I needed a break. As it happens my cousin and his son came home for a visit. It was perfect timing, we all had a wonderful time.
We went to Grand Reviere to see the leather back Turtles comming to shore to nest. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pics because the flash from the camera disorientates the turtles. I did get a lovely picture of my nephew in the sunset on our way there

Sayeed (aka Santa) in the sunset

My nephew Sayeed nickname is santa because he was born on December 25th. He Had a great time with a little homesickness now and then. My cousin who is also Joel's Godfather enjoyed his visit home also. He did a lot of catching up with friends and family.

My Brother Faarad and my cousin Saide





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