Tuesday, January 22, 2008

THe Crochet Classrom

The Crochet CLassroom: http://crochet101.forumotion.com/index.htm

Is a special forum created by me with the help of some wonderful designers who have agreed to dedicate some of their time and tutorials to make it aplace where one can find various crochet tutorials and get help from famous designers when they need help. It's a work in progress which has been at a standstill since I have gotten sick. with each new i feel a little stronger so hopefully I will be able to once again start concentrating on putting up new tutorials and hopefully get more designers to come on board to help make it a wonderful place for learning crochet.
Best Regards

Afghans for all Reason and all Seasons

I recently have two filet afghans published in "Afghans for all Reason and all Seasons" produced by Jean Leainhauser and rita Weiss. I hope you will like the two afghans and maybe one day make them.

Light and Lacey Filet afghna

Goemetric Filet Afghan


http://www.ravelry.com/ For those not familiar with ravelry it's a knit and crochet community. At present there are over 60,000 members.There is a waiting list to become a member but they are moving fast to make those who signed up become members. If you're a member you can look for me my id is ferosah.you can add projects that you have made especially designs of mines this will help give my patterns a little more popularity in the community. Hopefully soon I will be ale to add patterns for sale on ravelry. I hope you take the opportunity to join. Any support is welcomed Have a nice day

Update on me

Just little note to let ou know that Life is stilll a little disorganised. My daily schedule is: I get up on mornings, eat breakfast and take my medications. I take my diabetes tablets and my doctor also have me on Rivotril which is supposed to make me relax and sleep. So when my husband and son leaves for work each morning i have to get back into bed when the tabs starts to take effect. I get up around lunch time and start cooking. I then check emails with the time it's very hard to send in replies for which I aoplogise, I think of you all everyday and hope that one day soon Iwill be able to return to a normal daily routine. Till then I hope you all will put up with my tariness. I thank all those who is helping me to keep my spirits alive . I placed pics of the two afghans so everyone can see them.I am slowly getting back into the designing and I am working on a new designs, its comming along nicely but very slowly as there is limited time to work on it. My eyes gets tired fast as it's a painted designs. I hope you all are in good health and crocheting to you hearts content. I wish everyone a very productive day.