Thursday, November 08, 2007

Been Away because of Health Issues

For the longest while I have been feeling under the weather. I suffer with Scoliosis cause by a birth defect to my left foot. Orthopedic Surgeon doesn't recommend surgery because of complications with my left foot. So I do physio therapy and take pain medication on a daily basis. I also suffer with Acute sinusitis I get terrible eye infections which hampers my crocheting from time to time. ^These ailments I have learned to cope with over the years, Three months ago I found out I have type two diabetes, I am learning to control my sugar level and I am happy to say that it's now under control with medication and diet. Two problems I am also coping with is poor eye sight and depression. I am slowly gaining my strength and Hope to be back to designing full time within the next couple of weeks. I wish to thank everyone for their prayers and concern.It has given me the strength to overcome the battle for sanity.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Taking a much needed break

I have been working non stop on my designs and I knew I needed a break. As it happens my cousin and his son came home for a visit. It was perfect timing, we all had a wonderful time.
We went to Grand Reviere to see the leather back Turtles comming to shore to nest. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pics because the flash from the camera disorientates the turtles. I did get a lovely picture of my nephew in the sunset on our way there

Sayeed (aka Santa) in the sunset

My nephew Sayeed nickname is santa because he was born on December 25th. He Had a great time with a little homesickness now and then. My cousin who is also Joel's Godfather enjoyed his visit home also. He did a lot of catching up with friends and family.

My Brother Faarad and my cousin Saide




Thanks for participating in CAL

Thanks for everyone participation in the Hairpin Lace CAL.

Finished CAL pics of participants.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hairpin Lace CAL starts May 16th

Good News!!!!! The Hairpin Lace Crochet Along will start tomorrow May 16th.

I have created a simple coaster to help you learn the technique

Lessons will be uploaded to website

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hairpin Lace Crochet Along

Good News!!!!! The Hairpin Lace Crochet Along will be happening soon. I am in the process of creating the tutorial and the project to practice with. I want to start on May 1st. As soon as I have completed the design I will post the materials list here and on my website:

In the mean time I would suggest purchasing the Hairpin lace Loom if you don't have one.

Hairpin Lace Loom

You may find them at local craft stores or online.

Here are a couple of places online you can purchase it.

Canada: Karpstyles:

USA: Maggie's Crochet: Annie's Attic:


Thursday, March 29, 2007

Antique hook collection

I love antique crochet hooks. I just love the detailed engravings on these hooks. It amazing how much hooks has changed in the years. No longer do we see such intricate etchings on steel crochet hooks. I buy most of mines on ebay whenever I can. Alas not many auctions come my way because of my location. Sometimes the bidding price becomes a little out of my range because of the exchange rate. Here is a look at some of my hooks.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Second self Published Book

Learn Beaded Filet is the second crochet booklet to be published by Ferosah Crochet Design Studio. As many of you know Filet is one of my favorite technique in crochet. I also love crocheting with beads. A while back I was working on a crochet jewelry design and realised that the method of adding beads for the designs could be used to make cool filet designswith beads. So I experimented with it for a while to see how it would work out. I was overjoyed with the finished piece that I decided to create lessons on how to do "Beaded Filet" and create some pretty designs to self publish as a book. I hope that cocheters will find this book informative and a helpful aid in learning Beaded Filet.

Learn Beaded Filet

Learn how to add Beads to your filet crochet effortlessly with this comprehensive guide. Included are concise step-by-step lessons for right and left handed individuals wanting to learn the basic in filet and visual lessons for adding beads to your filet work. A fantastic array of designs, including doilies, coasters, wall hanging, eye glasses case, bible cover and bookmark, will have you mastering Beaded Filet in no time! Projects are worked in size 10, 20 and 30 threads using 2.5, 3, 4 & 5 mm beads. A must have booklet for the avid crocheter.

Retails for $7.95 US

Monday, March 12, 2007

Self-Publishing an Adventure

Last Year I decided to self publish my designs. It's an interesting story that lead me to Self publishing. I submitted a set of Cro Tat doilies but the designs were rejected by the publishing house that first reintroduced the technique. I was told that they were no longer going to publish designs for that technique. So I submitted it to another publisher and got rejected because it was a technique introduced by another publishing house and they didn't want to step on any one's toes as far as the technique was concerned. While I understood the whole concept I was left with the designs sitting in a drawer begging to be published. As time went by I decided to submit it as single designs for magazines. So I went ahead and submitted them to an editor of a crochet magazine but never got a response on whether they wanted them for publications. In 2005 I was instrumental in reintroducing the Cro Tat Technique for DRG Publishing but once designs are rejected you cannot resubmit it for publication. After 4 years of submitting and getting no positive feedback I had the brilliant idea of self publishing the designs as a book.

I had to do a lot of research on how to go about publishing this book. This is what I found I had to do to achieve that goal.
1. Register my business
2. Find Printer and get quotation on cost of Printing.
3. Get financing for project
4. Register with ISBN Office
5. Purchase ISBN #
6. Enlist crocheters for Pattern testing
7. Editing and formatting designs for book
8. Take pictures of Designs for book
9. Get Graphic Designer for book cover layout

10.Get Files to printer for printing

This process took 8 months to complete but I stuck with it and published my first book in October 2006.
"Shimmering Doilies and Coasters"
Now Publishing the book is only the beginning. Advertising is the key to sales, I am researching different ways to promote the book. Wish me luck in this new venture.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

New Designs Published

Heavenly Sunrise was published in Annie's Favorite Crochet Magazine.
You can find this Painted Bible Cover and Bookmark design in the April 2007 issue

Sacred Promise was published in Hooked on Crochet Magazine.
You can find this crochet cross design in the April 2007 issue

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Fairy and an Angel

Isn't this just the prettiest sight you've ever seen. This is what made the highlight of my day. Ah !!! the rewards of a designer. I cannot begin to express my feelings to see the joy on this pretty little angel's face upon recieving her fairy comfort blanket.

Shell made this Filet Fairy for her daughter Jessie. Here is Shell's story, posted with Shell's permission of course. Images are copyrighted to Shell . You can read all about shell and Jessie at their blog:

"I was recently RAoK'd the most giant ball of Mainstays arcrylic WW yarn, so I
decided to make a fairy to place on Jessi's bed when it is made. Almost like a
decorative throw thingy. I wasn't sure. Well as I worked it up and saw how big
it was getting, I thought it would make a brilliant "comfort blanket" for her.
She is 4 and spends a bit of time in hospital either as an in patient or an
outpatient. Either way, we seem to be there a lot! So I thought it would be a
lovely thing to carry around with her. To hold when she is sad, to remind her of
home when she can't be here, and to always know how much her mummy loves her.

It's crocheted with the free
pattern on Ferosah's site with Walmart Mainstays WW and a 4.5mm hook. I
started yesterday afternoon and finished today. Really quite quick It's probably
a bit too big. How big? Well, from th tip of the uppermost wing to the tipof her
toes (measaured straight, not tip to tip) it's 46inches!! Jessi is only about
37inches tall.

She loves it! Got told she couldn't have something just
after I gave it to her so grabbed her fairy and went off for a sulk Mission
accomplished.... Thanks for a great pattern
Ferosah! Maybe I might do this with the butterfly one day.
Imagine how big that will be!!! "

Thank you Shell for sharing your story with me, I am Honoured.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

How I became a Published Designer

Hi I'm Ferosa Harold Crochet Designer, designing professionally for the past 7 years. I taught myself to crochet at the age of 16. I started of making doilies to give as gifts to friends and family. Eventually as other people started seeing my work they wanted doilies too for their home and for gifts I began taking on commissioned work . My crochet book collection consisted of mainly Ondori and Nighon Vogue. In the 80's and 90's those were the only type of crochet books available here in Trinidad.

My introduction into learning how to adjust stitches came about when one customer wanted a combination of two doilies made into one. Mind you I didn't know how I was going to accomplish this but I said yes I can do it, and lo and behold I did it. Pretty soon I was trying my hands at designing and the finished pieces was always snatched up whenever I showed it as a new doily for sale. The sad part of that is I never wrote down the instructions because never in my wildest dreams I thought I would be good enough to get my work published. My story on how I got my first book published is very interesting.

In 1998 I lost my job and decided I wanted to be self employed. I would do commissioned work and teach people to crochet in my spare time. Commissioned work was slow and not many people was interested in lessons for crochet. My Father in Law who lives in Canada came home for a visit and he bought me a crochet magazine as he knew I love to crochet. In the magazine was an AD for the crochet guild of America and I contacted them about places to buy crochet books. I was suprised when I recieved a package in the mail with a whole listing of places in the USA to buy crochet books. I also became a member of the Crochet Guild of America. I contacted Annie's Attic to get information on buying from them. A very helpful customer service rep named Tori Currington called me with the information I needed. I asked her if Annie's Attic published their own crochet books and she said yes. So I questioned her some more about how to go about submitting designs to them. She was so patient and helpful, she told me to write a letter requesting the designer guidelines and fax it to her and she will pass it on to the relevant department. I faxed the letter and waited for a while, I didn't get any response so I thought "oh well" another avenue in crochet that wasn't to be. Then one day the phone rang and to my suprise it was Darla Hassell from Annie's Attic design department wanting to know if my mailing information is the same because she had a package with the designer guideline to send to me.

She was very helpful also told me exactly what to do to submit my book to the design acquisiton manager Ms. Deborah Hamburg.

Mind you I didn't have a computer and internet service at that time. My sister in law helped me to email the relevant information to Ms. Hamburg. I got my cousin to take pics of the designs and emailed it to Ms. Hamburg. I was overjoyed when I recieved a reply from her saying she was very interested in my work and to submit the designs for publication.

I borrowed a friend's typewriter to do the instructions for the book and my sister in law retyped it when I was done so that it looked a little more professional. I cannot tell you how many pages I spoiled because I couldn't type to save my life. I was on a learning curve in a lot of areas.
Learning to type, learning about computers and the internet, learning how to write pattern instructions etc! etc! etc! But I survived and learned and became a published Designer. My first checque from designing I used to purchase a computer and sign up for internet access.
My first Published book "Irish Lace Doilies" Published in 2001, it has since been discontinued but from time to time you will find a copy on ebay.