Monday, March 12, 2007

Self-Publishing an Adventure

Last Year I decided to self publish my designs. It's an interesting story that lead me to Self publishing. I submitted a set of Cro Tat doilies but the designs were rejected by the publishing house that first reintroduced the technique. I was told that they were no longer going to publish designs for that technique. So I submitted it to another publisher and got rejected because it was a technique introduced by another publishing house and they didn't want to step on any one's toes as far as the technique was concerned. While I understood the whole concept I was left with the designs sitting in a drawer begging to be published. As time went by I decided to submit it as single designs for magazines. So I went ahead and submitted them to an editor of a crochet magazine but never got a response on whether they wanted them for publications. In 2005 I was instrumental in reintroducing the Cro Tat Technique for DRG Publishing but once designs are rejected you cannot resubmit it for publication. After 4 years of submitting and getting no positive feedback I had the brilliant idea of self publishing the designs as a book.

I had to do a lot of research on how to go about publishing this book. This is what I found I had to do to achieve that goal.
1. Register my business
2. Find Printer and get quotation on cost of Printing.
3. Get financing for project
4. Register with ISBN Office
5. Purchase ISBN #
6. Enlist crocheters for Pattern testing
7. Editing and formatting designs for book
8. Take pictures of Designs for book
9. Get Graphic Designer for book cover layout

10.Get Files to printer for printing

This process took 8 months to complete but I stuck with it and published my first book in October 2006.
"Shimmering Doilies and Coasters"
Now Publishing the book is only the beginning. Advertising is the key to sales, I am researching different ways to promote the book. Wish me luck in this new venture.


Shell said...

wow what a process!! i am so glad you succeeded at self publishing. i am sure even your steps will help others who are researching this idea know a few things too. a challenge, and a sucess. well done Ferosah :D

ferosah said...

Thank you Shell, I hope that the information will help someone someday.

Ada Musolf said...

I admire not only your talent but your assertivenes in pursuing of your goals...Your designs are a pure elegance and beauty, and self-publishing is the best choice of displaying them in a proper way...Congratulations!

ferosah said...

Thank you Ada for your words of encouragement and the compliment on my work. It does my heart good to get so much encouragement on this new venture. I appreciate you.

Tina Brunelle said...

gorgous designs, as always :) it is a pleasure to see anything you do, I wish you tons of luck in your new venture

ferosah said...

Thank you Tina for the well wishes and compliment on my work, I appreciate it very much. HAve a wonderful day.