Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Fairy and an Angel

Isn't this just the prettiest sight you've ever seen. This is what made the highlight of my day. Ah !!! the rewards of a designer. I cannot begin to express my feelings to see the joy on this pretty little angel's face upon recieving her fairy comfort blanket.

Shell made this Filet Fairy for her daughter Jessie. Here is Shell's story, posted with Shell's permission of course. Images are copyrighted to Shell . You can read all about shell and Jessie at their blog: http://shell-n-jessi.blogspot.com/

"I was recently RAoK'd the most giant ball of Mainstays arcrylic WW yarn, so I
decided to make a fairy to place on Jessi's bed when it is made. Almost like a
decorative throw thingy. I wasn't sure. Well as I worked it up and saw how big
it was getting, I thought it would make a brilliant "comfort blanket" for her.
She is 4 and spends a bit of time in hospital either as an in patient or an
outpatient. Either way, we seem to be there a lot! So I thought it would be a
lovely thing to carry around with her. To hold when she is sad, to remind her of
home when she can't be here, and to always know how much her mummy loves her.

It's crocheted with the free
pattern on Ferosah's site with Walmart Mainstays WW and a 4.5mm hook. I
started yesterday afternoon and finished today. Really quite quick It's probably
a bit too big. How big? Well, from th tip of the uppermost wing to the tipof her
toes (measaured straight, not tip to tip) it's 46inches!! Jessi is only about
37inches tall.

She loves it! Got told she couldn't have something just
after I gave it to her so grabbed her fairy and went off for a sulk Mission
accomplished.... Thanks for a great pattern
Ferosah! Maybe I might do this with the butterfly one day.
Imagine how big that will be!!! "

Thank you Shell for sharing your story with me, I am Honoured.


Squirrel said...

That is a wonderful pattern, I know some people that have made the fairy, as well as myself. Thank you for giving us that good looking pattern(easy to read & make)for free on your web site.

katheryn said...

Thank you Ferosa for creating a beautiful filet fairy. The precious little girl looks like an angel with wings. The filet fairy was my first experience with filet, and I found the pattern very easy to make. I enjoyed the bio. of your beginning to designing. Thank you for being there when I've needed help with any part of your patterns. I appreciate you.

..:..Ivy's Creations Crochet ®..:.. said...

I loved!


ferosah said...

Squirrel, The filet fairy is one of my patterns that got rejected for piblication but turned out to be very popular as a free pattern. I never regretted using it to teach how to increase and decrease in filet.

ferosah said...

You're welcome Katheryn, it's a joy to know that this pattern has helped you learn filet.

ferosah said...

Thank you Ivy, I appreciate your comments.

vicki said...

hi ferosah, i am friends with shell and her angel and i can tell you she truly does love it to pieces. your very a very talented designer and i have admired your designs for years and when i saw you were on the ville i could not believe it. my painted doilies is one of my all time favorites. thanks again for sharing your brilliant work with us all

ferosah said...

Hi Vicki,
Thanks for stopping by and leaving such positive feedback on my work. It's always a pleasure to hear from someone who appreciates my what I create. Thank you for your support.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say this, but someone is selling the fairy filet pattern on Ebay. I just saw it!