Thursday, August 07, 2008

Trouble in Paradise

I have been dealing with one mishap after another. Came home from my
Vacation and had to get my networking fix, in the process of trying to get
the networking up and running my hard drive crash. Had to get a new hard drive,
I had most of my files saved thankfully but stuff I was working on that I didn’t
back up for a couple of months was lost. It was a little stressful
trying to get all my files back on the new hard drive. All is well now
with that issue. Now comes the issue with my website. I know my
subscription with my server was about to expire and now that my son is
working he doesn’t have the time to help me out as before. He work
long hours during the week and most weekends he has to work also. So i
thought I would wait for my domain name to expire and sign up with
another server. What I didn’t know and learned the hard way was that
even though the domain name expires there is still a waiting period
before the domain name is once again available to another server. I
thought about renewing my subscription with the same server but I had
to wait until my son came home last night to discuss it with him. He
came home very late and suggested I wait for the domain name to be
available, he also suggested I used tripod and build my website and
upload it temporarily until I can register my domain name. I tried to
build the website last night and publish it to the web. For the time
being hopefully a week maybe two my website URL will be:
I am praying that things run smoothly now. I think I need another
vacation lol.

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